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    (NOTE: J.C. Duncan Lion's Student Loan is no longer available - it has been discontinued.)
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    Scholarships Made Available to Newfane HS During the School Year
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    Dec. 1 - Hagan Scholarship Foundation Scholarship -  $48,000 scholarships available for eligible students.
    Jan. 7 - Ontario Shores Federal Credit Union Scholarship - Must be a college-bound senior.  $1000 scholarships available to top 12 applicants.  Must be a member of Ontario Shores FCU.
    Feb. 1 - Gannon University High School Poetry Contest - Must be a high school student in grades 9-12.  Top 3 winners will receive a monetary award, a signed book by poet Ilya Kaminsky, and publication in the Awards Night program.
    Feb. 20 - NYS Academic Excellence Scholarship -  Students can not apply for this scholarship!   Per the allocation policy of this scholarship, students are selected based on final class rank at the end of their junior year.  For the 2023 scholarship cycle, Newfane was able to nominate 4 students - the top 4 highest ranking students in the class.  The top ranked senior student at the end of their junior year (ranked #1) is eligible for up to $1500/yr.  The remaining 3 nominees (students who ranked 2-4 at the end of the junior year) are all eligible for $500/yr.  These awards are renewable up to 4 years (or 5 yrs. if their college program is a 5 yr. program).  Students must attend college in NYS in order to receive their award.  Selected students attending a college outside of NYS will be forfeiting their award.