•                   22                                                                                        January 5, 2013


    Dear Parent or Guardian:


         Newfane Middle School Physical Education classes will be going outside!  We are introducing cross country skiing and snow shoeing into the physical education curriculum.  The equipment for these activities was purchased through the Carol White Grant and all P.E. teachers have been instructed on safety, clothing, and proper use of equipment.

         Students will be informed at least 2 days ahead that class will be going outside (weather permitting) and that they need to dress appropriately.  This includes wearing boots, warm pants, fleece jacket, gloves, and a hat.  We recommend each student bring snow pants, a scarf, hat, extra socks, sneakers/boots, and a plastic bag.  Anything that will repel the water is good. 

         We appreciate your patience and support as we venture into our new winter activities.  In addition, if you would like to donate used, clean winter apparel, please send to school with your son or daughter.


    Thank you,


    Mrs. Stedman, Mr. Nice and Mr. Heitzenrater   22