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    Anthony Casinelli
    Ann Kennedy
    Margaux Lingle (President)
    Emma Oudette
    James Schmitt
    Melanie Stefanoski
     Santo Tomasine (Vice President)
    Most Recent and Upcoming Meeting dates:
    April 19, 2022
    May 3, 2022 Agenda Public Budget Hearing  
    May 17, 2022 Budget Vote and Election and Regular Board Meeting 
    The Budget Newsletter can be viewed here  Newsletter
    It is expected to be delivered to all residents the week of May 9.
    The Public Budget Document can be viewed here Link
    Just a reminder that official minutes will be posted after Board approval - generally 2 meetings later.
    Please send questions or comments to:  BOE E-Mail
     Bernadette Seymour, District Clerk 716-778-6853

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