James Schmitt - President
    Laura Licht - Vice President
    Anthony Casinelli
    Ann Kennedy
    Margaux Lingle
    Emma Oudette
    Melanie Stefanoski

    Please send questions or comments to:  BOE E-Mail
    Phone contact:  Bernadette Seymour, District Clerk 716-778-6853

    Upcoming meeting dates:
    March 31, 2020 budget workshop/meeting agenda
    The April 7, 2020 budget workshop
    We are working with new guidelines on order to meet the open meeting laws requriement, when more information is available or changes made, it will be posted here.
    Have you ever thought about serving as a member of the Board of Education?
    If yes, please contact Bernadette Seymour for information on getting started.
    The process is changing due to the closure of the schools so please:
    email your request to bseymour@newfanecentralschools.org or call 778-6853
     and you will be contacted on how to get the process started. 
    Important dates (these dates will most likely change):
    March 23 - Nominating petitions available
    April 20 - Nominating petitions due
    May 13 - PTSA sponsored "Meet the Candidate Night"
    May 19 - Budget Vote and Election

2019-2020 Newfane Board of Education

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