• Contact Ridge Road Express (STA) at:  716-778-8333

Transportation 🚌

  • NCSD Director of Transportation:  Dr. Lisa Krueger
    Phone:  716-778-6850
    Ridge Road Express Director:  Mrs. Jodi Zastrow
    Phone:  716-778-8333

📱Quick Facts

    • Parents should know your child's bus number and pick up and drop off times (if not, call 716-778-8333)
    • Student bus evacuation drills are conducted each year in the fall.
    • School buses may be equipped with video cameras.
    • NCSD buses travel approximately 3,337 miles daily.
    • Riding on the school bus is a privilege.

📐 General Rules for Safe Transport 🚌

  •  General Rules
    • Students will be picked up and dropped off at their assigned stops.
    • The bus driver may assign seats to students.
     Safety Practices
    • Students need to practice caution in bus loading zones (e.g., no running, games, etc.).
    • No glass items, live animals, or dangerous objects can be transported on the school bus.
    • Rain jackets and boots are preferred rather than umbrellas for safety reasons.
    • At the secondary level, please remind parents and other drivers to stay out of bus loops and use appropriate student entrances to reduce congestion in bus loops.
    Students' Responsibilities 
    • Wait for the bus ten minutes before stop time.
    • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop and doors open before approaching the bus.
    • Use the handrail up the steps.
    • Sit in an assigned seat for the entire trip.
    • Sit in a seat facing forward, feet on the floor, and talk in a normal tone of voice.
    • Follow the driver's directions promptly.
     Bus Discipline
    • The principal or designee at the school will address referrals from bus drivers according to the Code of Conduct.
    • Severe disruptions and dangerous behavior may result in loss of bus privileges.
    • All Code of Conduct rules apply while students are on the bus.
    Parent Responsibilities
    • Make sure your child knows his or her bus number, what stop to get off at, home address and phone number.
    • Make sure your child knows the safety practices and expected behavior.
    • Adults must be present and visible to meet children from grades four and down.  If an adult is not present to meet the child(ren), Ridge Road Express will deliver them back to the district at the end of the bus run and the school will attempt to make contact with parents, guardians, and emergency contact for the child(ren) to be picked up.  Repeated offenses may lead to CPS reports and contact with local authorities.
    • Notify the school of any changes to contact information as soon as possible.
    • Have children ready for bus pick up ten minutes before the estimated time and ten minutes after.  With many variables (e.g., road conditions, number of children riding the bus, etc.), bus times are never exact.