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    Please read below for an important message about January Midterm/Regents week:

    The week of January 21 - 24, 2020 will serve as a midterm/Regents week at Newfane High School. Regular classes will not be in session, but students will report to take midterms, final exams for half year courses, and Regents exams. Please see the schedule below and note that midterms and finals for any course listed below are mandatory. In addition, all junior students will take the ELA Regents exam on January 21 at 8:00 AM in the gym. 

    Though classes will not be in session during this time, all BOCES students are expected to attend BOCES classes during Regents week unless they have an exam conflict. These conflicts must be brought to Mrs. Harrington’s attention so she can notify BOCES of the student’s excused absence.

    Midday buses will be provided, but MUST be pre-arranged by returning the transportation form.

    1/21/20 1/22/20 1/23/20 1/24/20
    Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    8:00 AM
    ELA 11 Regents Geometry Regents Global 2 Regents Earth Science Regents
    ELA 9 Midterm US History Regents Algebra 1 Midterm Chemistry Regents
    ELA 10 Midterm Global 1 Midterm Geometry Midterm Living Environment Midterm
      Global 2 Midterm Algeo Midterm Earth Science Midterm
      US History Midterm Algebra 1A Midterm Chemistry Midterm
          Physics Midterm
    12:00 PM
    Living Environment Regents Physics Regents Algebra 2 Regents  
    Spanish 3 Midterm Algebra 1 Regents CFM Final
    College Calculus Final Health Final Algebra 2 Midterm
    College Statistics Final Spanish 2 Midterm  
      College Bio Final  
    Exams in BOLD are NYS Regents exams, all others are local midterms or finals.


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