• Juniors: CHOICES, PSAT Exam, CCI Day, Boys'/Girls' State

    CHOICES:  Use to look up colleges, careers, and can take interest inventories to determine your best work preferences.
    PSAT Exam:  This is an important practice exam for the SAT exam.  It is given in October of the junior year.  The score report you receive in early December is an invaluable tool to help identify areas that you did well in and areas in which you need extra preparation prior to taking the SAT in May.  When you pick-up your results, informational sheets from your guidance counselor have been included to assist you in getting the most out of your results.  There are some excellent resources: score interpretation video, My College Quickstart website link, and other testing related tid-bits listed on the informational sheets. If you want to get the most usefulness out of this practice exam, read the informational sheets, view the score report interpretation video, and utilize the My College Quickstart program.  Also, it is highly recommended that you register in the guidance office for one of the three SAT prep classes that will be offered at Newfane High School from Jan-May.
           - PSAT  Practice Exam -  Want to see what type of questions will be on the PSAT Exam?  Take this practice exam before the October PSAT Exan to find out.
           - My College Quickstart - You need to use the access code located at the bottom of your score results form.  Also, the log-in that you need to create to access My College Quickstart will be the same log-in that you will use later in the year to register for the SAT exam so you will be ahead of the game.  Make sure you keep your College Board username and password in safe place so that you can access it later for the SAT exam registration, view your SAT scores online, and for requesting scores to be sent to colleges or the NCAA Clearinghouse (required for Division 1 & 2 college athletics participation).
    CCI Day:  Career and College Information Day at NCCC.  This is an annual spring field trip for juniors in order to learn about various careers.  Students need to register online AND then turn in a field trip permission slip (available in the guidance office).  We are only allowed two buses so we can take up to 82 students - the first 82 students who turn in their permission slips!
    National College Fair Field Trip:  Each year, we are able to take up to 82 juniors to the National College Fair, which is held at the Buffalo Convention Center.  Colleges/universities from all across the U.S. and Canada will be represented (even some non-North American colleges will be in attendance).  Each year, our field trip group is assigned a 1 hour time slot on one of the three days the college fair will be in Buffalo.  This college fair is not inclusive of just high school groups- students and parents may also attend this public event on their own on any of the three days/evenings without a time limit.  Prior to the event, students are encouraged to "register" at: https://www.gotomyncf.com/.  The registration process allows students to add their information into the computer then print out a student registration form, complete with a bar code.  This is a real time saver since admissions representatives can just scan the registration form in order to send the student information rather than the student filling out numerous post-card forms.  For National College Fair information, including colleges that will be represented, go to:  http://www.buffalocollegefair.com/
    American Legion Boys and Girls State-  Each year the American Legion post & Auxiliary sponsors one boy and one girl to attend Boys and Girls State for one week in the summer.  This is an excellent opportunity for students who are interested in politics, government and leadership.  It is also an excellent resume booster since it is so selective.  Students who do really well at Boys or Girls State may also be eligible for scholarships.  Applications available in the guidance office in January each year.