• College Entrance Exams: SAT and ACT

    Pre-COVID (info. for college bound students prior to the graduating class of 2020): Four year colleges, and some traditionally two year colleges that now offer four year programs, will require high school students to take either the SAT or ACT exam.  Though the SAT has historically been an east coast exam and the ACT a mid-west/west coast exam, most colleges now will accept either exam as part of the college admission process. Scores necessary to obtain admission into a college varies depending on the selectivity of the college.  Students may either register for one of these exams via a paper registration form or by registering online.  Online registration is becoming the norm and is the preferrable method by the College Board (SAT) and the ACT companies.  Students who register online will know immediately if they received their first test center choice, they can print out registration day exam tickets, and can make changes online if there are any errors. Students will also have access to their scores sooner than paper registration students.
    Post-COVID (info. for college bound students in graduating class of 2020 and onward): Most four year colleges (estimates range from 80%-94%) are currently not requiring an ACT or SAT for college admissions purposes. This may change in the near future so students should check with each college they plan to apply to in order to assess application requirement changes/needs.  The colleges that traditionally required an ACT or SAT for admissions purposes in the past, most have now gone to "test optional".  Test optional means SAT or ACT exam scores are not required for admission but if the applicant was able to take one of these tests and liked their score, they could request the college to use it for admission’s purposes.  If they did not take an SAT or ACT, or took one but did not score well, they could request the college to review your admissions application without a need for SAT or ACT scores.  With no SAT or ACT score the colleges would then delve more into a “holistic approach” and weigh extracurricular activities more heavily (volunteerism/community service, leadership, honors/awards, athletic participation, employment, etc.).
    SAT online registration - Code lists for majors, colleges, and testing centers.
    (Having problems with registering for a SAT exam, or can't remember your log-in name or password?  Contact the College Board Student Help Center @ 1-866-756-7346  Monday-Friday 8 a.m.- 9 p.m. EST)
    Look up colleges that are "test optional": (SAT or ACT exams not required for admissions but applicants with scores they are pleased with will have the option to still submit scores to be viewed and used for admissions purposes)  There was a relatively small list of 4 yr. colleges that were test optional but due to COVID, this list has grown exponentially since 2020!  
    College admissions offices will other admission factors more heavily (ie. course rigor, leadership, community service/volunteerism, etc.) for test optional applicants.  This is not to say that students planning on applying to 4 yr. colleges should not at least attempt the SAT and/or ACT exams since some students may score well and want to use their scores or some colleges may not choose to go the test optional route.  Students should leave all options open.

    Example:  If a student received 1000 on the new SAT (Evidenced Based Reading & Writing- the new critical reading section- plus math section. 800 total possible points each for a total possible of 1600) the college would convert to a 920 (old SAT total score out of a possible 1600 pts.).  Conversion to old SAT score for both admissions and merit scholarships.  Also, if received 1000 on the new SAT, it would be equivalent to an ACT Composite score of 19.

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