• Pp is for.....

    Posted by Lauren Putnam on 3/12/2015
    Oh my, it's been a while since my last post.
    We were busy preparing for our show.
    Things went well and we thank you all for coming.
    I have no pictures to share, it's rather difficult to
    direct AND take photos at the same time.
    This week we are learning the letter Pp.
    Lots of good words start with Pp like....
    pepperoni pizza, pasta, and the most important Pp word: PUTNAM!
    We have made color poems
    pizza glyphs
    and piggy pusses.
    We also played the popcorn game with a parachute,
    and chased balls from the pig popper..
    This week our special group of musicians :STOMP!
    They make Percussion music with Pots and Pans. and so did we.
    We played the song "Pots and Pans" by the Bacon Brothers, found
    stuff from around the room, and we were just like STOMP!
    (Sorry for the blurry photos, there was a whole lot of shakin' going on! 
    We've been learning about pets too.
    Hey! Pets starts with Pp!
    Funny how that works out.
    We look forward to our week of the young child celebrations.
    Monday: am  magician,    pm  gross day
    Tuesday: pajama day
    Wednesday: am Hill Bros concert   pm  puppet play day
    Thursday: Teddy Bear Picnic
    Friday: Spring Hat Parade
    We look forward to seeing you and all of your wonderful
    hat creations at the parade.
    "In my Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it......." 
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  • crossing midline

    Posted by Lauren Putnam on 2/18/2015
    crossing  midline is a developmental skill that means a child
    will reach across his body to consistently use one hand to perform a task.
    Some of our little ones have not yet gotten this skill into place.
    The prefer to switch hands rather than cross.
    Here is an interesting example of this.
    The one on the right crossed midline, the one on the left did not.
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  • Snippets

    Posted by Lauren Putnam on 2/12/2015
    Snippets overheard in the classroom:
    "Aunt J......'s getting married and I'm going to stay in a hotel
    2 nights and get free breakfast 2 times, and I get to be the ring master."
    Overheard in the dramatic play area on a play phone
    "Jake, from State Farm? Hello Jake from State Farm."
    Breakfast discussion: "My brother burps a lot."
    "My Dad toots really loud and it's really stinky."
    Yep, You can't make this stuff up! 
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  • I'm still here....believe it or not!

    Posted by Lauren Putnam on 1/20/2015
    I know, I know, I know!
    It's been ages since I posted anything, the time just gets away from me.
     We HAVE been busy learning lots of new things.
    Last week we talked about the polar caps.
    Polar bears live at the NORTH pole.
    Penguins live at the SOUTH pole.
    This week we move on to the forest habitat and it's denizens (like that big word?).
    This is our lab table set-up.
    As you might guess, there's been lots of growling, and howling at this very popular spot.
    We also started the letter Mm today.  We talked about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and read his biography.
    We discussed his dream (or wish) that everyone be treated fairly and kindly. Then we brainstormed
     what our message might be.  
    We made signs:  "Be kind"  "Be nice"  "Share"  "Be fair"  "Take turns".
    Then we had our own peace parade around the school.
    What a great man and a great lesson for us all. 
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    Posted by Lauren Putnam on 12/19/2014
    I can't believe it's been a month since I posted anything.
    Time has just rushed by in a blur.
    Home: church drama practice, practice, practice, performance, performance, performance,
    mail this, buy that, wrap it up, check this off my list, add this and this to it,
    shop, make this appointment, chase 12 pounds of furry, greased lightning around the house
    (There goes another spool of thread!) 
    Finish this Christmas gift project, start the next...
    Clean the house? You've GOT to be kidding!
    School: parent conferences,  "write report, print report, sign report, repeat 16 times, parent conferences,
    answer a bazillion phone calls, attend this meeting, abc journals, math journals, abc book pages, handwriting,
    "He did WHAT in his pants?",  "I'm waiting, I'm waiting, I'm waiting".  start another project, get the last one done,
    NO PM AGAIN? , parent conferences, test/track individual progress, "What did you say? Words are for helping, NOT hurting".
    Take boots off, put shoes on, take shoes off, put boots on. "Whose mitten is this"? 
    I feel like TAZ spinning around like crazy!
    Time to take a step back. Time to breathe.
    Time to think about why all the celebration.
    Time to re-read Luke 2.
    Time to think of the wonderous gift of Christ on Christmas.
    Time to ENJOY family and faith.
    Merry, Merry Christmas to you all! 
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  • Jj is for jobs.....

    Posted by Lauren Putnam on 11/12/2014
    Jj is for jobs....and the Niagara County Sheriff's dept
    has come through for us again.
    Deputy Rob, (Richards as in our own Mrs. Richards) came to visit us
    along with our school resource officer Deputy Justin (Birmingham) and
    undersheriff Fillicetti.
    They read to us "Never Talk to Strangers" and then
    we did some role playing.
    (A stranger is someone you don't know. If a stranger comes up to you
    run and tell a safe person...Mom/Dad, teacher, or police officer (NOT cop )
    we want to show them respect).
    Then we played a line-up game using clues to find our cookie thief.
    It is so great to see our kids getting to know the officers and to understand that they are
    a help and a resource and not just there to put bad guys in jail.
    We also took mug shots. Check out NECC's Most Wanted outside our door. 
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  • Is is for insides

    Posted by Lauren Putnam on 10/24/2014
    Ii is for insides, and icky.
    This week we explored a pumpkin using our 5 senses.
    Our observations:  
    Outside: We saw: orange, lines, circle, round, hole in it,
    dirty, stem
                  We heard: no sound at all
                  We tasted: Mrs. Putnam wouldn't let us
                  We smelled: nothing
                  It felt: bumpy, dry, smooth, hard, rough, cool, heavy       
                  We heard: no sound
    Inside: We saw: seeds, nuts, gooey, guts, strings, orange,    
                We tasted: Mrs. Putnam let us, but nobody wanted to 
                We smelled: yucky, pumpkin, nasty
                 It felt: slimy, gooey, cold, wet, bumpy, gross, wet
                       wet, sticky, mushy;, sticky, noodley, it made someone itch
                We heard no sound
    Then we tortured EVERYONE with sensory issues, kids and teachers alike.
    c  t
     What a messy, fun, day!
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  • Ii is for imagination

    Posted by Lauren Putnam on 10/24/2014
    Ii is for imagination!  
    One of my little morning friends made this at home and brought 
    it in for the "blue box" (one of our activity boxes).
    The orange piece is the game board.
    The other pieces are the "men
    The green one is a pirate with a peg-leg.
    The other one is Charlie Brown wearing a costume.
    Too special!
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  • Ii is for.....

    Posted by Lauren Putnam on 10/20/2014
    Ii is for.....I spy!
    And we made our own!
    You can play right here with your child.
    Just name several objects for him/her to find.
    AM class
    PM class
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  • Down on the farm, part deux

    Posted by Lauren Putnam on 10/15/2014
    Our pm class made it without rain!
    We enjoyed  climbing on the big logs.
    and picking yummy apples too.
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