• Financial Aid Information

    Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA):  College-bound students must complete the FAFSA online each year that they are in college.  Students who are NY State residents and plan to attend a NY State college should also fill out the online TAP form for NY state financial aid (administered through HESC). On the confirmation page of the FAFSA, students can select a link to TAP/HESC and much of the biographical info. will be imported -which saves you some data entry and time.  Will also need to create a log-in for TAP/HESC account.
       -FAFSA tax income source is "prior-prior", meaning taxes used for college entry yr. is always two years prior.
             Example:  Student entering college in the fall of 2022 will use federal taxes from 2020 (prior-prior). 
    FAFSA - Official government website for applying for financial aid. Tips to get you started.
    FAFSA ID's: student and one parent need for filing with the FAFSA on the web. Website also has info. on how to resolve FAFSA ID log-in issues. 
    CCS Profile:  In addition to the FAFSA form ("federal methodology"), the CCS Profile ("institutional methodology") is another financial aid form that some institutions may require and is more comprehensive.  The link lists colleges that require its use.
    Financial Aid Essentials download- Excellent resource for understanding what is financial aid, how is it awarded, checklists, list of possible financial aid questions, calendars, etc.  Very thorough and informative besides has embedded links to other valuable resources. 
    Scholarship Scams to be aware of:  Scholarship Scams
    Financial Aid Bulletin Tips and More Financial Aid Tips - Good Financial Aid Info.
    Understanding Your Financial Aid Award - What does the financial aid award letter mean?
    TAP - State Aid Info. - Info. regarding state aid for students attending college in NYS.
    "Busted Marriages and College Financial Aid" informational webpage link.