• Tuesday       May 17

    Day 1


    Today our quote is from everyone's neighbor, Mr. Rogers.

    "There are three ways to ultimate success.

    The first way is to be kind.  The second way is to be kind.

    The third way is to be kind."

    - Mr. Rogers


    Disabilities Awareness Week

    Our school will be participating with our fellow panthers at the 

    high school to support Disabilities Awareness Week.

    Wednesday -  Character/Celebrity Day

    Thursday -  Buffalo Love Day - Wear your Buffalo Gear

    Friday - Colors to celebrate Disability Awareness

    Grade 5 - Orange      Grade 6 - Green 

    Grade 7 - Red      Grade 8 - rainbow tie-dye


    Red - Wegener's Disease     Orange - ADHD and Multiple Sclerosis

    Green - Mental Health and Cerebral Palsy


    Today's Clubs

    Student Senate will meet today after school in room #205 with Miss Cimato.

    The Leo's Club will meet today with Mr. Thibault after school in T-1.

    Tomorrow's Clubs

    The Jazz Band Sr. will meet in the band room for rehearsal tomorrow

    with Ms. Keppler.


    7th & 8th Grade Girls Open Gym - Basketball

    Attention any current 7th & 8th grade girls interested in playing basketball next year:

    You are invited to attend spring open gyms which will start this Tuesday

    from 6:00 - 7:30 pm at the High School gym.


    Fall Sports Sign Ups

    Sign ups for Fall sports have begun.  If you are interested in

    playing a fall sport, you can sign up at the Newfane Central School

    homepage website on the Athletic page.  Click on the Fall 2022

    sports sign ups option.  If you have any questions,

    ask your Phys. Ed. teacher.


    Sailing Scholarships

    Are you interested in learning to sail?

    The Olcott Yacht Club is offering a Junior Sailing Scholarship.

    The Island Yacht Club in Wilson is also offering a scholarship.

    If you want more information on either of these 2 scholarships,

    please go to the Guidance office to pick up the brochure.

    There is a deadline for the applications, so make sure

    you check it out soon.


       After School Intramurals 

    7th & 8th grade boys - Tuesday

    All girls - Wednesday

    5th & 6th grade boys - Thursday



    Leo's Club Bookstore

    The Leo's Club Bookstore is now open!!

    It will be open every morning, Monday - Friday

    from 7:20 - 7:40. 


    Overdue Library Books

    Attention all students:

    If you got an overdue book email, you need to bring those

    overdue books back to the library.  If you are still reading them

    they can be renewed.  It is important to return any overdue books

    as soon as possible.


    Click this link if you want to watch the morning announcements video.