*Note:  This info. is for college courses taught at Newfane HS, not AP courses.  AP course exams and credits are entirely different.
    Follow NCCC Link (scroll down to "Electronic Registration"): https://www.niagaracc.suny.edu/academics/highschool/
    Newfane High School offers college credit bearing courses via articulation agreements with NCCC, GCC, and NU.  College course tuition fees are about 1/3 the cost of taking the same course on campus.  Another cost savings that students enjoy is that there are no college book fees.  Books are supplied by the district. 
    Tuition fees:  Due to the low cost already in place, NCCC does not offer any further tuition reductions.  GCC offers free or reduced lunch students a tuiton reduction - students have to complete and submit a GCC tuition reduction form (available through their teacher or guidance office).  Niagara University (NU) will fee waive all free or reduced lunch students who are taking Allied Health for NU college credit (NU College Biology).  High school students are not eligible for financial aid. 
    Fall semester and full year course registration forms and tuition payments are due typically by the end of September (due dates may vary year to year).  Spring semester course registration forms and tuition payments are due typically by the end of January.  No exceptions.  Once the tuition fees are established by the participating colleges in the summer, the Newfane HS Guidance Office will include the course list and associated cost in all juniors and seniors scheduling envelopes.  Please be on the look out for this since it is common for students to open their scheduling envelope, which is addressed to the parents, take out their schedule and discard all the other important documents - including the updated college tuition costs.
    Newfane High School only awards high school credit for the college courses.  College credit is awarded by the participating colleges.  Students have to complete the college registration form, pay the tuition fee, and receive at least a "C" average in the course in order to be able to transfer the credit.  Students do not have to attend the college which is offering the credit.  Students will have to complete a transcript request online with the credit granting institution in order to have the college transcript sent to whatever college they decided to attend after high school.  Students who are enrolled in a college credit bearing course and do NOT register and pay their fee will remain in the class and will only receive high school credit.  BEWARE:  Students who do not register for college credit initially can not request to register for college credit after the registration window has closed.  New policy beginning the 2013-14 school year:  The only exception to this rule is for the College Pre-Calc. students who do not initially meet the pre-requisite of obtaining > 75% Alg. 2 CC Regents Exams at the beginning of the year.  These students can retake it in January to try to meet/exceed this cut-off score.  A Coll. Pre-Calc. student who meets/exceeds the >75% cut-off score may register in January for NCCC College Pre-Calculus for the full four college credits.