• Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions page!


    The following is a list of questions that are frequently asked by library users.  If you do not find the answer to a question that you have, please feel free to ask Mrs. Ray or Mrs. Fitch for help!
    The Circulation Desk is located just beyond the main entrance of the Library. You can't miss it. Mrs. Ray or Mrs. Fitch will be able to help you check out books and other library materials. You will need your student ID to check out books.
    You will need your student ID to check out library materials. You also agree to take care of library materials so that they will be in good shape for the next user. We understand that things happen and are always willing to work with you in case materials are late or are in some way damaged. Treat them as if you bought them yourself!
    When the library is open, you should return materials to the circulation desk drop slot. Please check materials to make sure that you have not left anything important in books. You would be surprised at the things we have found inside of returned books!

    How do I find books and things?

    The greatest resource for locating books and things in the library is the library staff. Please feel free to ask questions. Helping you find information is the main part of our job. We can help you use the catalog and other databases available to you in the Library. A brief tutorial on using the catalog can be found by going back to the main page and clicking on "Finding Things in the Library." Printed directions are also available by the computers.
    If a book is not on the shelf, check with either Mrs. Ray or Mrs. Fitch. We can tell you if it is checked out or missing. If the book is checked out, a reserve can be placed. When the book comes in you will be notified. If the book is missing, we can tell you which libraries nearby have the book or you can request an inter-library loan. When a book is requested through interlibrary loan, you will be notified when it arrives.

    Can I check the Library catalog from home?

    Yes! If you have internet access you can go to the Newfane Home Page and click on "High School Library" and then "OPAC HS Library"
    Magazines can only be used in the library.