• Lizzie Borden Questions
    Use complete sentences to answer the questions.
    1. Who was Lizzie Borden?
        When was she born?
        How old was she at the time of the murders?
    2.  When did Lizzie die and where is she buried?
    3. What are some of the reasons given as to why Lizzie never married?
    4. Who was Abby Borden?
        Describe the relationship between Abby and Lizzie Borden.
        What was Abby's cause of death? Be specific!
    5. Who was Andrew Borden?
        How did he become wealthy?
        What was his profession?
    6. Who was Emma Borden?
        What happened to her on the day Lizzie Borden died?
    7. Who is Bridget Sullivan?
        Describe one legend about her.
    8. Who was George Robinson and what role did he play in the trial?
    9. What are two reasons given to believe Lizzie murdered her parents?
    10. Briefly describe Andrew Borden's autopsy. Be specific!
         When did the autopsy take place?
    11. Write out the famous Poem about Lizzie Borden.
    12. Who found the body of Abby Borden?