• Jim Crow/To Kill a Mockingbird
    mocking bird
    Purpose: Today, you will be completing a Webquest in order to gain an appreciationof the historical background presented in To Kill a Mockingbird (1930s, Alabama).

    Directions: Research the following questions using the Internet. Record your answers on a Microsoft Word Document, in complete sentences, in your own words.


    You may use a search engine such as Google to answer the following questions:

    1.)    What were the Jim Crow Laws?

    2.)    When did the Jim Crow laws begin? How long did they last?

    3.)    Where did the name Jim Crow come from? Find an image of Jim Crow.


    Go to www.jimcrowhistory.organd click on Geography (at the bottom).


    According to the webpage, “The states in red were part of the Confederacy. They were states and territories where slavery existed substantially prior to the Civil War, or were states and territories where the legacy of slavery was strongly felt in the years immediately after the Civil War.”


    Click on a red state of your choice and complete the following:


    1.)    Record the name of your state.

    2.)    Give a brief overview of the state’s Jim Crow history.

    3.)    Describe five Jim Crow laws that you found surprising.


    Next, click on Jim Crow Violence (left). Choose a red state and click on a town.


    1.)    Record the name of your state.

    2.)    Record information about at least three lynchings. Include the following information:

    -      Who

    -      What

    -      Where

    -      When

    -      Why


    Finally, write a one-paragraph reflection about the South in the 1930s. What do you think it would have felt like to be African American during this time period? What would your education be like? What would your life be like? How would you feel?