• Evaluating Web Sites
    You will learn six criteria for evaluating web sites and then use those criteria to locate three sites that provide good information and three that do not.
    Review the Education World techtorial Improving Media Literacy, which explains the six criteria for evaluating a Web site: coverage, objectivity, currency, origin, accuracy, and purpose.
    How do you decide whether information on the Web is accurate? Take a look at Save the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus and evaluate the site based on your own criteria.
    1. Choose a topic:
    Use Google to search for your topic.
    2. Find 6 web sites related to your topic
         -3 sites that are useful to research your topic
         -3 sites that are not useful
    3. Write or type the URL and site name for each
    4. Explain in writing and in complete sentences why the site is a good or poor choice for research, including the criteria used to make those decisions.
    For example: Bob'sSkateboardingMagic.net is NOT a good choice for research because Bob, who is 9 years old, only has copied and pasted pictures of his favorite skateboarders. There's not much information (coverage) and Bob is not an expert (origin) on skateboarding