• Helen Keller/”The Miracle Worker” WebQuest Questions/prompts
    Mr. Roy
    English 9 10/24/11


    Please answer the following in short paragraphs of 4-6 sentences.  Be sure to put your full heading on the Word document and print two copies: one for you to hand in and one to refer to during class discussions.  In class, within the next week, we’ll begin reading “The Miracle Worker” by William Gibson.  The play is based on her life and adapted from her memoirs.  It is important to understand the context of her life, struggles, and achievements to fully appreciate the drama.  Good luck on your exploration of the world of an extremely interesting woman.


    1.    Describe Helen Keller’s childhood.
    2.    Helen was blind and deaf.  How and when did this happen?
    3.    Describe Helen’s education throughout her life.
    4.    Helen Keller was a famous social activist.  Describe some of the causes in which she was involved.
    5.    How did the play, “The Miracle Worker,” by William Gibson, come about?
    6.    Describe how Anne Sullivan came to be Helen’s teacher and friend.
    7.    What is the ADA?  How does it help people with disabilities?
    8.    Describe Braille and how it helps people “read with their fingers.”
    9.    What is ASL and how does it help people communicate?

    10.           Finally, please learn how to sign your first and last names using ASL.  Be prepared to demonstrate for the class.