• Tuesday     January 26

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     Helpful Reminders

    *Charge your chromebook every night!!

    *Check your email several times a day

      If you are having trouble connecting with a meet,

    email your teacher, (also, log off and log back on,

    sometimes that works)


    Quote of the Day

    "I've observed that if individuals who prevail in a highly competitive

    environment have any one thing in common besides success,

    it is failure - and their ability to overcome it."

    -Bill Walsh

    Bill Walsh was the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers they won 3

    superbowls while he was head coach.




    There is no charge for school lunches and

    breakfast for all students.



    Band and Chorus Schedules

    Monday - 5th and 7th grade have chorus

                 6th and 8th grade have band

    Tuesday - 5th and 7th grade have chorus

                  6th and 8th grade have band

    Wednesday - 6th and 8th grade have chorus

                   5th and 7th grade have band

    Thursday - 6th and 8th grade have chorus

           5th and 7th have band

    Friday - Remote day for chorus and band/rehearsal makeups.


    Middle School Yearbook

    If you want to order the yearbook

    click on the link below.  It will take you to the

    site where you order the yearbook online.  The price

    will go up after Christmas, so order early!





    Speciality Salads from the Cafe

    The Cafe has specialtiy salads on Tuesday & Thursday.

    Salads are available to staff and students.  There is no

    charge for students.  Call the cafeteria by 9:00 if

    you want one at 778-6474.

    Tuesday   Jan. 26th

    Buffalo Wing Salad

    Romaine lettuce, seasoned diced chicken, carrot sticks, 

    celery sticks, biscuit or dinner roll, blue cheese crumbles,

    and a packet of hot sauce.

    Thursday   Jan. 28

    Juliene Salad

    Romaine lettuce, ham, turkey, cheese, egg, baby carrots,

    served with a dinner roll and dressing. 



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