MIDDLE SCHOOL PHYSICAL EDUCATION                                              STUDY CAT



                The mission of Newfane Middle School Physical Education is to provide students with a safe and friendly environment in which all students have an opportunity to engage in active play.  Middle School students should have a basic knowledge of individual and team sport, including, but not limited to proper skill execution, sportsmanship, cooperation and teamwork.  In addition students will develop a responsibility for self, compassion for others, and respect for equipment by interacting in a variety of play experiences.


    • All students are required to change clothes for physical education class. Clothes should be different from “school clothes”.  T-shirt, shorts, sweatpants, white socks, deodorant, sweatshirt, and athletic sneakers are acceptable for class.  These items should be kept in a PE locker secured with a combination lock.
    • All students are given the opportunity to share a PE locker with class members (same gender).  Unfortunately we do not have enough lockers for all students to have their own PE locker, but we ask that students bring a combination lock to secure clothes (boys-3 to a locker & girls- 2 to a locker).  We do NOT encourage bringing valuables to class and would recommend that any valuable be secured in a locked locker.  School locks will be available for rent at $5.00per lock.  At the end of the school year when the school lock is returned without damage the rental money of $5.00 will be returned to that student. 
    • All students are expected to be on time for class.  Students will be deducted points for chronic lateness.
    • Students must address teacher(s) in a respectful manner, in addition to classmates and PE equipment.
    • Students are expected to participate to the best of their ability during all play activity.


    A.      Students can earn a maximum of four points per PE class

    ·         4 = Exemplary performance

    ·         3 = Average performance

    ·         2 = Below average performance

    ·         1 = Poor effort

    B.) A numerical grade will be given each quarter

    ·         A quarterly grade will be determined based on the 4,3,2,1 rubric/guideline and the number of classes participated

    ·         To pass PE a student must earn a minimum 65% over the course of four quarters

    C.) Students will be graded only when participating in class. They will not be deducted for   the following events:

    ·         Absent from school, unless its chronic and does not allow enough evaluation of student in activity and is considered an illegal absence

    ·         Medical excuse from a doctor, temporary parent excused note (1wk max)

    ·         Field trip (school related)

    ·         Band lessons, chorus rehearsal                       

    ·         State testing