•                 Special Education Overview                              
    The vision of the Newfane Central School District Special Education Department is to provide services to students with disabilities ages 3-21.  All services are designed to support student success by creating full educational access opportunities with appropriate accommodations as may be necessary.  We maintain educational equity for all students with disabilities and foster personal growth and development so as to enable our students to reach their full potential.  Our primary goal is to prepare each special education student to be productive members of the community and lead self-directive lives upon graduation.
    Definition of Disabilities:
    A student with a disability is defined in section 4401(1) of the Education Law, who has not attained the age of 21 prior to September 1st, and who is entitled to attend public schools pursuant to section 3202 of the Education Laws and who, because of mental, physical or emotional reasons, has been identified as having a disability and who requires special services and programs approved by the department.  The terms used in this definition are defined as follows:
    1.) Autism
    2.) Deafness
    3.) Deaf-Blindness
    4.) Emotional Disturbance
    5.) Hearing Impairment
    6.) Learning Disability pit
    7.) Intellectual Disability
    8.) Multiple Disabilities
    9.) Orthopedic Impairment
    10.)  Other Health Impairment
    11.) Speech or Language Impairments
    12.) Traumatic Brain Injury
    13.) Visual Impairment/Blindness
    Description of Special Education Program and Services:
    The district provides a continuum of special education services as per Part 200 regulations.  The Committee of Special Education (CSE) and the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) emphasize the least restrictive environment in considering support for students with disabilities.  These include the following:
    • Preschool services
    • Consultant Teacher Services
    • Integrated co-Teaching
    • Resource Room
    • Guided Study Hall
    • Special Class
    • Related services (speech, counseling, Occupational or Physical Therapy)
    • Educationally Related Support Services