• All Math Classes:

    * 4 Pack of AAA Batteries (for TI-84Plus Graphing Calculators)

    * 1 pack of highlighters

    * 1 pack of 3x5 index cards

    * 2 inch three-ring notebook binder

    * 1 pack of lined college ruled paper

    * compass (for Geometry students only)


    Living Environment:

    * 1.5" binder with lined paper


    Global 9:

    * 1.5" binder

    * 4 divider tabs

    * loose leaf paper or a spiral notebook


    Global 9 Honors:

    * 2" binder

    * 10 dividers

    * Pack of filler paper

    * 2 packs post-it notes

    * highlighters


    AP Gov/Econ:

    * spiral notebook (100 pages minimum)

    * 2 pocket folders

    * highlighters


    Gov/Econ (Crago):

    * spiral notebook (100 pages minimum)

    * pocket folder


    English 11 & 12

    * tissues

    * blue or black pen

    * loose leaf paper

    * binder


    College Spanish 2:

    * organizational note taking method of choice (notebook, binder, etc.)

    * paper

    * pens


    Spanish 2 and College Spanish 1:

    See above and add 4x 6 lined notebook


    Spanish 3:

    * one subject 3 ring binder (may combine with another class if large)

    * dividers

    * loose leaf 

    * pens

    * 3 x 5 flash cards (10 packs for the year)


    Physical Education:

    We go outside for class as much as we can during the Fall and Spring months, as long as it's not raining.  Students must dress accordingly to the temperature.  If it's colder out, they should wear clothing that will keep them warmer and if it's warm, bring clothing that will keep them cooler.  It is a good idea to bring an older pair of sneakers to class as well if class goes outside.

    To be minimally prepared in High School Physical Education, the student must:

    * Change OUT OF their school clothes into appropriate fitting workout clothing. (Acceptable workout clothing = Shorts, T-shirt/long sleeve shirt, athletic pants/sweat pants, socks, and sneakers)

    * Students must take off all jewelry, especially hoop/dangle earrings, necklaces, bracelets/anklets, etc.


    Guided Study Hall (Siegmann)

    * box of tissues

    * a writing utensil

    * your daily homework assignments.