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    Amber Pratt

    Welcome to Family Support Resources! I am excited to be working as the Newfane Elementary School Counselor. I have been working in the Newfane district since 2014 where I started at the high school before coming to the elementary in February of 2016. I have worked to bring a comprehensive counseling program to our elementary students to educate and positively reinforce their academic, social, and emotional growth. My focus is teaching coping strategies, conflict resolution, and problem solving skills. I earned my undergraduate degree in psychology from Allegheny College in Pennsylvania and my master’s degree in school counseling from Youngstown State University in Ohio. I completed my Certificate of Advanced Studies in School Counseling through University at Buffalo. 

    Here is my Google site with more information!

    Newfane Elementary Google Site


    Due to potential COVID changes, please note the following: 

    American School Counselors Association Ethical Standards for School Counselors

    A.15. Virtual/Distance School Counseling School counselors:

    a. Adhere to the same ethical guidelines in a virtual/distance setting as school counselors in face-to-face settings.

    b. Recognize and acknowledge the challenges and limitations of virtual/distance school counseling.

    c. Implement procedures for students to follow in both emergency and nonemergency situations when the school counselor is not available.

    d. Recognize and mitigate the limitation of virtual/distance school counseling confidentiality, which may include unintended viewers or recipients.

    e. Inform both the student and parent/guardian of the benefits and limitations of virtual/distance counseling.

    f. Educate students on how to participate in the electronic school counseling relationship to minimize and prevent potential misunderstandings that could occur due to lack of verbal cues and inability to read body language or other visual cues that provide contextual meaning to the school counseling process and school counseling relationship.