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Parent Portal

The parent portal is up and running.   Now, parents can view "real-time" assignments and grades.  This means, that once the teacher enters the information, it is available for viewing by parents.  Please see the pamphlet (below) about our expectations.  Our goal is to make this system available for all parents of students in grades 5-12.  The portal app is available on the district website or the free district mobile app.

To become a parent portal parent - enrollment information:

Note:  dozens of parents signed up at our freshman orientation.  Parents who have not signed up for this valuable service may:

  1. Complete an enrollment form in person. Visit the main offices of either the High School or Middle School and complete a form.  After successful review, we will send a temporary username and password by e-mail to the address provided.
  2. Download the Parent Portal enrollment form and have your child return the completed form to either main office.  Once reviewed, we will e-mail a temporary username and password to the applicant.

Once the enrollment process is completed, parents will receive a temporary username and password.  As a reminder, usernames and passwords are confidential and should not be shared.

Questions about the parent portal may be sent to: