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Aquatic Center Rules, Regulations & Policies

Welcome to the Newfane Aquatic Center

child swimming

Newfane Central School District

The school, for the protection of all who use the Newfane Aquatic Center, has established the following rules and regulations.  It is essential that everyone cooperate to make the Natatorium as safe and hygienic a facility as possible.  Any violation of these rules may deprive an individual or group of the use of the pool.

These rules shall be subject to review from time to time, changes shall be made with approval of the Board of Education upon
recommendation of the Administration or Aquatic Director.


An adult over twenty–one years of age holding a current Red Cross Lifesaving Certificate, CPR/First Aid/AED and approved by the Board of Education upon the recommendation of the Superintendent and Aquatic Director, must be present as a supervisor whenever the pool is used.

~ Except for classroom instruction, no one is allowed in the pool unless, in addition to the aforementioned supervisor, a lifeguard is on duty.  A lifeguard must possess a current Red Cross Lifesaving Certificate, CPR/First Aid/AED and must be approved by the Board Of Education upon the recommendation of the administration.
~ Designated authority has been given to lifeguards and they are to be treated with the same respect as the supervisor.
~ Except for classroom instruction, whenever anyone is in the water either the supervisor or the lifeguard must be on the deck.
~ No articles of any kind other than regulation bathing suits, caps, or specially approved equipment (approved by the supervisor) shall be worn in the pool.
~ All jewelry, contact lenses, removable orthodontic retainers, hairpins, and bobby pins must be removed before entering the pool.
~ No personal equipment is allowed in the pool unless authorized by the supervisor.
~ Persons wearing street shoes are not allowed on the pool deck, shower, or drying areas.
~ Unauthorized persons are not allowed in the pool area.
~ Only those books which are to be used for instruction during the swimming period shall be in the pool area or in the balcony.
~ Unauthorized equipment or materials such as food, bottles, cans, or any glass receptacles of any sort are not allowed in the pool area, locker rooms, lavatories, offices, foyer, or balcony.
~ Smoking and/or vaping is not allowed anywhere on school property.  Newfane Central School District is a “Smoke-Free Environment”.
~ Gum chewing is not allowed in the pool area.
~ Running, pushing, tripping, ducking, or any disorderly conduct is not permitted.
~ Tag games are not permitted unless supervised.

  • A person is forbidden to use the pool if he or she has and of the following: a communicable disease, a nasal or ear discharge, a boil or skin rash, a bandage or band-aid on his person, an open sore or infection such as ringworm, a plantar wart(s), severe athlete’s foot.
  • Urinating, expectorating, or blowing the nose in the pool is prohibited.
  • No one should leave the pool area without permission of the supervisor.
  • School equipment shall be used only with the supervisor’s permission.
  • All equipment shall be returned to the supervisor and/or designated locations after use.
  • Swimming in the diving area is not permitted when the board is in use.
  • Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time.
  • Diving is permitted from only the end of the diving board.  After surfacing, swim to the nearest side at once.
  • Diving from the sides of the pool is prohibited unless under the immediate supervision of the supervisor.
  • The water area must be clear of swimmers before dropping bricks or rings
  • In any emergency such as a fire drill or injury, go immediately to the nearest side of the pool, get out of the water, and sit quietly for further instructions.  The emergency signal will be three (3) sharp blasts of a whistle.
  • A soap shower is optional before entering the pool.  All cosmetics must be removed, and oil and grease washed from the hair.
  • Beginners must remain in the area of the pool designated for them.
  • All persons using the pool shall wear bathing suits.