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2024-2025 Board of Education Trustees

  • Board of Education trustees
    From left to right: President Tomasine, Trustee Casinelli, Trustee Maziarz, Trustee Schmitt, Trustee Murray, Trustee Bower, Vice-President Dunn


  • Melinda Bower
  • Anthony Casinelli 
  • Rob Dunn, Vice President
  • Corrie Murray
  • Rachel Maziarz  
  • James Schmitt  
  • Santo Tomasine, President  

Most Recent and Upcoming Meeting dates:

Board of Education meetings are held at the Early Childhood Center at 6048 Godfrey Road, Burt, NY 14028 Room 129

July 9 Reorganization Meeting Agenda

July 9 Board of Education Meeting

The full meeting agenda will be available for attendees in-person at the Board meeting.  

Just a reminder that official minutes will be posted after Board approval - generally 2 meetings later.

Please send questions or comments to:
District Clerk 716-778-6856