Welcome to

Newfane Middle School

2700 Transit Road

Newfane, NY 14108



Thomas Adams, Building Principal
Peter Young, Director of Curriculum,
Instruction, Assessment & Technology
Newfane Middle School is doing a tremendous job raising
money for Roswell Park Cancer Institute as we gear up
for our "Bald for Bucks" event February 17th
@ 1pm in our NMS gymnasium.
Any student wishing to participate should return their
permission slip ASAP.  Students raising funds can join our
(Newfane Panthers) Team by going to CLICK HERE 
and select FIND A TEAM.  From there you can set up a
personal page for online donations, or select a Team
Member to make a donation to.
Finally, if you're interested in helping but would rather send
in your donation, we'll take it!  Make your check payable
to "Bald for Bucks" or "Roswell Park Alliance Foundation"
right up until the day of the event!  When we chip in a little,
what we achieve is a lot! 
Contact Information:
Main Office:  Mr. Tom Adams, Building Principal
Mr. Pete Young, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment & Technology 
Secretary:  Mrs. Kirsten Wright 
Phone:  (716) 778-6452      Fax:  (716) 778-6460 
Attendance Office:  Ms. Patty Beane, Secretary
Phone:  (716) 778-6451      Fax:  (716) 778-6460 
Guidance Office:  Mrs. Richele Carmer, Secretary
Phone:  (716) 778-6461      Fax:  (716) 778-6465 
Health Office:  Mrs. Lisa Erck, School Nurse
Phone:  (716) 778-6470      Fax:  (716) 778-6460 
OCFS Report of Child Abuse / Neglect
Phone:  1-800-342-3720
Website:   http://ocfs.ny.gov/main/cps/