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No Name Calling Week

No Name-Calling Week is a week organized by K-12 educators and students to end name-calling and bullying in schools.

Founded in 2004 with Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, and evaluated by GLSEN research, No Name-Calling Week was inspired by James Howe’s novel The Misfits about students who, after experiencing name-calling, run for student council on a No Name-Calling platform.

The week is rooted in the idea of #KindnessInAction — not merely recognizing the importance of kindness, but actively adding kindness into our every action. 

Here at the El we began each day with special morning announcements about being kind to others in our actions and words.  There were large “posters” hung up in each hallway for the week. Students were encouraged to take a ‘positive post-it.” They kept it or gave it to a friend.  

We ended the week with everyone wearing the color blue or Panther gear on Friday to show our solidarity and committment to being kind.

Below is just one story of how the post-its were used!

"My class did the take a post it leave a post it today- what an amazing lesson! I think that this should stay up for more than just this week if others could leave a post it and not just take one (don't want more work for you Amber). My class all took one and left one. A student was having a sad moment this afternoon right before we went and when we went to leave I asked them all what sticky we could give him to make him feel better- they all agreed on one and when they gave it to him.  It made him smile! My class thought it was neat they made someone smile with the sticky note. Many of them that were going to keep their sticky note but decided after that they were going to give it to someone else. Thanks for doing this!"

- Virginia Bower
Special Education Teacher