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Fourth Graders Persuade the Principal

Mrs. Sheldon's fourth graders read an article in StoryWorks titled, "Should Students Have Assigned Seats in the Cafeteria?"  The article questioned whether assigned seating is the answer to ending embarrassing lunch room situations and bullying.  The opinion article presented both viewpoints.  The article also mentioned some ways other schools have solved the problem of where to sit in the lunch room.  Our students then wrote their own persuasive pieces requesting a monthly lunch period where classrooms are mixed up in the lunch room so that students have the opportunity to sit with someone new.  The writing pieces were so convincing that we had our first We Dine Together lunch period on Friday December 7th. The students did such a great job with it that we will have another one in January.  A special thank you to Miss Pratt for making this a successful event!    

We Dine Together 4th Graders lunch 4th Graders Student Feedback