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Child Care for Essential Workers - Jill's Play Yard

The Newfane Central School District considers itself an integral part of our community. In times of crisis, it is critical that we come together to care for each other and our families.   Therefore, during this public health emergency, our district has a responsibility to assist in any way possible to support the community’s emergency response plan. One way we can do that is to put in place plans for the care and supervision of the children of essential health care workers and first responders.  

Essential health care workers may include licensed health professionals such as physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered nurses, LPNs and nurse assistants or laboratory personnel. First responders may include paramedics, emergency medical technicians, police officers, and firefighters.

In order to provide for the care of these children, the Newfane Central School District has entered into an agreement with Jill’s Play Yard Child Care Center on West Lake Road in Wilson to provide care for children 6 weeks through age twelve. If you are an essential health care worker or first responder as noted above, and require child care, please contact Jill’s Play Yard directly at (716) 751-3320.

All the necessary enrollment forms are available on the District website and at  Medical information can be sent directly to the center from your doctor’s office.

OCFS-LDSS 4433 Child in Care Medical Statement
Emergency Personnel Application
Infant Feeding Statement
CACFP NYS Income Eligibility Form
Class Dojo Permission Slip
Infant Supply List
Parent Handbook

Jill's Play Yard