New Games

Flip and Go

Help the alien bring candy to his girlfriend in this world-flipping puzzle game. It's enough to make your head spin!


This would be an easy running and jumping game, but someone "Fractured" your screen!


The nightflies need your help reaching their night lights. Help remove objects that are in their way.

Night Lights

Explore a mysterious world where light can magically make objects disappear. It's kind of weird at first, but trust me, you'll love this game!


Can you get the ball into the portal? You'll need to aim and time your shot to win. Warning: Once you hit level 8 it gets a lot tougher!!

Orange Gravity 2

Help the orange escape each level in this rope-cutting, gravity-flippingly great game!

Don't Cross The Line

Help! Someone has crossed all of the lines! Help untangle all of the lines as quickly as possible.


The blocks are on the loose! Swap blocks to get rid of them in as few moves as possible.

Wheely 3

Another Wheely-great game! Push buttons, flip switches and crank cranks to help Wheely get to the end of each level.

Block The Pig

The pig is on the loose! Help prevent him from escaping by placing stone walls to block his path.

Good Daddy

Help the good daddy get his son to school by using changing shapes to create a safe path. Collect all the stars too!

Papa's Donuteria

Papa Louie wants you to run his Donuteria! Use time management and math skills to help make great donuts that your customers will love.

Fancy Pandas Game Fancy Pandas
Remove obstacles and use gravity to reconnect the panda family.
Double Win Game Double Win
Help two creatures cooperate to recover their lost heart.

Push It Game Push It
Knock the rotten red blocks off the screen, but not the orange ones too!
Color Joy Game Color Joy
Drop shapes into each of the portals in this wacky puzzle game.

Big Time Butter Barron Game Big Time Butter Baron
Help run A.P. Butterworth's butter factory by filling the factory floor!
Car Ferry Game Car Ferry
Build a bridge to get the car onto   the ferry.

Doctor Acorn Game Doctor Acorn
Doctor Acorn has lost his head. Really. Help him get it back!
Feed Me Moar Pack Feed Me Moar
Feed the monster hamsters before time runs out.

Help the Blym get through each puzzling level!
2048 Game 2048
Add like numbers to win this one. Can you get to 2048?

Divide Game Divide
Cut the blocks of wood into a certain number of pieces.
Red Ball 4 Volume 3 Game Red Ball 4 Vol. 3
Help the red ball get to his goal, and collect all the stars.

Wheely 2Game Wheely 2
Push buttons and crank cranks to help Wheely finish each level!
Duck Life 4 Game Duck Life 4
Use money skills to train your duck to be a duck athlete!

Transmorpher 2 Game Transmorpher 2
Transmorph yourself to collect all the green blobs and get to the exit.
Amigo Coyote 2 New York Party Game Amigo Coyote 2: New York
Amigo Coyote brought the party to NYC. Keep his balloons safe!

Duck Life 3 Evolution Game Duck Life 3: Evolution
Use new purple seeds strategically to train your duck athlete.
Cargo Bridge 2 Game Cargo Bridge 2
An awesome sequel to one of the best bridge-building games!

Home Sheep Home 2 Game Home Sheep Home 2
More great levels to one of your favorites!
Ninja Miner Game Ninja Miner
Pick the right color and break down rock walls to win!

Beavus Game Beavus
You can do one thing with Beavus: click to make him jump.

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