·        You will be working on a written report focusing on character development in individuals.  One of the most famous motivators over the past century having a great impact on character development is Coach John Wooden.  You will be handing in a report that depicts the important values individuals portray as a positive person in the contemporary society.


    Assignment procedure and steps:

    1.      Log onto the web and go to www.coachwooden.com

    2.     Click to enter the website and you will need to 1st print off a pyramid of success that will be handed in.

    3.     You will see a black tool bar in the middle of the webpage… click favorite maxims…  you will need to scroll down on the basketball icon to click early days of teaching..  document for further reference coach Wooden’s thoughts on what success is and why he was upset about how many individuals assessed success.

    4.     Surf the website as well as others to research background information that has made Coach Wooden so famous and successful.

    5.     You will need to click on Pyramid of Success.. from this pyramid you will need to choose 5 of the 15 building blocks in which you believe are the top 5 qualities a person will need to exhibit to be successful.





    ·       You will need to hand in a 3 page double spaced (12 font) written report on Coach Wooden. 




    The report must include the following:


    ·       Background information about John Wooden and why he is considered to be one of the most successful individuals involved in athletics in the past century.

    ·       Write about his views of success, and give your own opinion on how you personally view success.

    ·       Choose 5 of the 15 building blocks of success and explain why you feel they are the most important characteristics an individual should possess if they want to be successful in athletics or in life.

    ·        Staple a copy of the pyramid of success to the front of this report.
    Other options for students include the following:

    Newfane High School Physical Education

    Long-Term Medical Assignment


    To determine your quarter grade in Physical Education when medically excused from participation for longer than a 4-week period, you are required to complete a written project on ONE of the following topics including but not limited to all of the bulleted information listed below:


    1. Your Personal Injury:

    ٭        Description of your injury/condition

    ٭        Treatment you are currently receiving

    ٭        Surgical options

    ٭        Rehabilitation

    ٭        How your injury affects your lifestyle

    1. Current P.E. Unit:

    ٭        History of the activity

    ٭        Rules

    ٭        Season the sport is played

    ٭        Current professional players (if applicable)

    ٭        Your personal opinion of the activity/sport

    1. Use of Performance-Enhancing Substances:

    ٭        Three examples of performance-enhancing substances

    ٭        Explanation of possible incentives to use

    ٭        Risks and side-effects

    ٭        Measures taken to deter use

    1. Athletes Signing Early to Play at the Professional Level:

    ٭        Incentives to end the athletes high school or college career early

    ٭        Recruitment process used in soliciting student-athletes

    ٭        Potential future consequences for the athlete: negative and positive

    ٭        Your personal opinion on the topic

    1. Adolescent Obesity in America:

    ٭        Definition

    ٭        Societal influence of today’s epidemic

    ٭        Health issues related to obesity

    ٭        Preventative strategies

    1. Sportsmanship at Athletic Events:

    ٭        Your definition of sportsmanship compared/contrasted to Merriam Webster’s definition

    ٭        The role of the athlete (professional/amateur/youth) at the athletic event

    ٭        The role of the coach in developing, promoting and supporting sportsmanship

    ٭        The role of the parent in developing, promoting and supporting sportsmanship

    ٭        The role of the spectator at the athletic event

    ٭        Describe the ideal sporting event when witnessing sportsmanship at its finest

    1. Your Personal Nutritional Intake:

    ٭        Monitor your food and beverage intake for one week on the website www.calorie-count.comPrint your website diary for your assignment. 

    ٭        Develop charts, tables +/or graphs representing your information.  Include a key explaining the data illustrated.

    ٭        Describe what you have discovered about your eating habits.  Include positive +/or negative findings.

    ٭        What is the recommended daily caloric intake for the maintenance, loss or gain of body weight?  Explain how activity level, age and stature play a role in this figure.

    ٭        Will you alter your habits based on the information discovered?  Explain. 


    1. Olympic Team/Individual Sport:

    ٭        Provide a detailed summary of the history of the Olympic sport chosen.

    ٭        Explain the Olympic rules of the game.  Compare any differences between the rules used in the Olympic setting vs. the professional/amateur setting? 

    ٭        Describe what the Olympic activity looks like during play.

    ٭        List the most recent gold medalist winner(s) in the sport you chose including details of their accomplishment.

    1. Title IX:

    ٭        What is Title IX? When was this amendment enacted? 

    ٭        Provide information concerning the events leading to Title IX.

    ٭        How has Title IX affected the educational system?  Athletics?

    ٭        How have you benefited from Title IX? 

    1.   Core Muscle Development:

    ٭        Name the muscle group(s) included in this category.

    ٭        What is the function of the core muscles? 

    ٭        What benefits are gained through strengthening the core muscles in everyday activities?   

    ٭        List and describe 5 exercises used in core development at the beginning, intermediate AND advanced levels.

    ٭        Convince two of the four different individuals listed below of the importance and benefits of developing their core strength:  (Provide specific information for the categories chosen)

    a)     Female/Male Athlete

    b)     Non-Athletic Student

    c)     Parent        

    d)     Grandparent. 

    *Prior teacher approval is necessary for topics other than listed*






    1)     Title page:  Include topic, student name, P.E. class period and date.

    2)     Required number of pages:  Minimum 5 (title page + bibliography page are excluded from the total number of required pages).

    3)     Format: 

    a.     Font ~ Times New Roman   

    b.     Font Size ~ 12

    c.     Margins~ 1”                    

    d.     Spacing ~ Double

    4)     Bibliography Page:  Minimum 3 references using appropriate layout.

    5)     Plagiarism:  Merriam-Webster’s definition of plagiarism is “to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own.  Avoid plagiarism by properly citing all work.




    6)     Due Date:  The last day of the current marking period.  A 5-point deduction will be applied for each day your paper is late not to exceed 2 weeks beyond the original date. 

    Long-Term Medical Assignment Grade Sheet


    Name:                                                                                 Period:                   


    Topic:                                                                                 Quarter:                   


    Assessment of Guidelines:

    1)   Title Page:                                                                                    (1)

    2)   Bibliography Page:                                                                       (1)

    3)   Correct Font + Size:                                                                    (1)

    4)   1” Margins:                                                                                  (1)

    5)   Double Spacing:                                                                           (1)

    6)   Required Number of Pages:                                                         (10)

    7)   Required Number of References and Layout:                    (10)

           TOTAL:                (25)


    Assessment of Spelling and Punctuation: 

    1)   Very few mistakes made throughout the assignment.  (11-15)

    2)   Moderate number of mistakes made throughout the assignment.  (6-10)

    3)   Substantial number of mistakes made throughout the assignment.  (0-5)

                                                                               TOTAL:               (15)


    Assessment of Content:

    1)     Paper is well written and well organized.  Current research and personal insight +/or opinions are included.  All work is cited correctly.  (41-60)

    2)     Paper is well written and satisfactorily organized.  Outdated research and limited personal opinion +/or insight included.  Some references are used but not cited correctly.  (21-40)

    3)     Paper is poorly written and organized.  Minimal references and insufficient personal opinion +/or insight included.  Work citing is lacking/questionable.  (0-20)


                                                                                TOTAL:                     (60)

    Deadline Deductions (If Applicable): ___________

    FINAL GRADE: ________

    **Complete the heading at the top of your grade sheet**

    Include this sheet when submitting your final assignment to your teach