Magic School Bus Kicks Up A Storm: A Book About Weather The Magic School Bus Kicks Up a Storm : a Book About Weather
    written by Nancy White
    Ms. Frizzle takes the class on a field trip where the magic school bus
    becomes a flying weather station. The class flies right into storm clouds!
    Enemy Pie Enemy Pie written by Derek Munson
    When a father suggests making a pie for the enemy of his young son,
    the boy instead ends up making a new friend.
    Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? written by Jon Agee
    Read what fourteen other children's books authors think is the
    answer to this age old question.
    Monster Machines Monster Machines written by Bernadette Sweeney
    If you're interested in really big machines this is the book for you. Filled
    with photos and descriptions of airplanes, ships, and trucks, this is one
    monster of a book!
    My Life With The Wave My Life With the Wave written by Catherine Cowan
    Read the hilarious story about the adventures a boy has when he brings home a wave from a beach vacation.
    Water, Water Everywhere Water, Water Everywhere written by Mark Rauzon
    This book gives information about the Earth's water supply, the different forms water takes, and why people depend on it for life.
    Lilly's Big Day Lilly's Big Day written by Kevin Henkes
    Another adventure for our favorite mouse, Lilly. When the class is told their teacher is getting married, Lilly desperately wants to be the flower girl.
    Tin Forest Tin Forest written by Helen Ward
    An old man dreams of turning a garbage dump into a forest full of life.
    More Perfect Union A More Perfect Union written by Betsy Maestro
    Read all about the struggles of creating and ratifing the United States Constitution back in 1787.
    How I Became A PirateHow I Became a Pirate written by Melinda Long
    Read the hilarious adventures of Jeremy as he joins a pirate crew and learns all about pirate life.

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