Newfane PTSA
    Executive Board Members



    Tonia Jones

    T: 716-531-2844
    E: Tonia082@hotmail.com

    High School
    Vice President

    Corrie Murray

    T: 716-628-6149

    Middle School
    Vice President

    Ryan Johnson

    T: 716-417-8855

    Vice President

    Kerry Bumpers

    T: 716-474-9754


    Rhonda Harris

    T: 716-345-5414


    Cindy Ames

    T: 716-622-9337

    Membership Chair

    Karley Austin

    T: 716-534-5560

    Fundraising Chair

    Evonne Ostrozinski

    T: 716-946-4708

    Movie Night Chair

    Tonia Jones

    T: 716-531-2844

    Programs Chair



    Youth Members

    Dan Dy

    Student Senate/Senior Class President


    David Schuler

    Junior Class Representative


    Zach Niver

    Junior Class Representative


    Please contact Tonia Jones if you are interested in volunteering with or filling a chairperson's position with the PTSA. 

    We invite you to come to a meeting and see what the PTSA is all about.