• Supplies:

     Supplies include: paper, blue / black pens, 4 dividers, & an agenda (first one provided by the school at no cost). They can use a 3 inch divider and use the dividers to separate Spanish work. 

    Class expectations for Spanish 8:
    Vocabulary by unit:

    Spanish 7 Review

     Codes you may see on a progress report/portal and what they mean:
    1- late and missing assignment
    2-absent (due within 1 week)
    3- re-do (must hand in next day for possible full credit. No heading on paper? Did not follow directions? Wiped out on an assignment?
    4- band (expected on day of band but may turn in the following day for full credit)
    5/10- late assignment
    6- absent on day work was collected but in school on day it was assigned. Due the next day you return to school.
    7/10- re-do was handed in past the due date or just did not understand the assignment well. Use your notes!
    check mark- full credit on the assignment!
    Final Exam: