• Tuesday   January 25

    Day 1

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    Fun January Observance Days

    What better way to celebrate Observe the Weather Day than to study it.

    Read books about weather changes, weather patterns, and weather in general.

    Observe the Weather Day

    "To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake, it is necessary

    to stand out in the cold."

    - Aristotle


    Conservation Club Today

    The Conservation Club will meet tomorrow with

    Mr. Thibault after school in T-1.


    Jazz Band Tomorrow

    The Jazz Band will have rehearsal in the Band Room after

    school tomorrow with Ms. Keppler.


    JV Football Meeting on Wednesday

    There will be a JV football meeting after school this week on 

    Wednesday, January 26th at 2:30 in the middle school

    health room, #120.  All interested 7th & 8th graders

    should be there.  No football experience is necessary.


    Second Jazz Band Opportunity

    A second Jazz Band is forming and will rehearse after school 

    on Fridays in the Band Room.  This is a new opportunity

    for beginners to intermediate instrumentalists who are 

    interested in playing jazz.  We will also need a guitar  and

    piano player.  If interested, speak to Ms. Keppler.

    Don't forget your instrument!!


     Lost and Found

    If you are missing any hoodies or jackets, or anything:

    Check the lost and found table in the cafeteria.  There are

    many items there and they could be yours.


       After School Intramurals 

    7th & 8th grade boys - Tuesday

    All girls - Wednesday

    5th & 6th grade boys - Friday this week



    Leo's Club Bookstore

    The Leo's Club Bookstore is now open!!

    It will be open every morning, Monday - Friday

    from 7:20 - 7:40. 


    Overdue Library Books

    Attention all students who have been getting overdue book

    emails, your books are overdue and you need to return them

    to the library.  Please bring them in as soon as possible.


    School Breakfast and Lunch

    Just a reminder that there is no charge for

    breakfast or lunch for students this year.


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