You may see the following codes under any grade category on the Parent Portal:
    1= late & missing assignment (Can be handed in for a 50% before the end of the 5 week mark.)
    2= absent & work needs to be made up. (You have up until 1 week to turn it in & receive full credit.)
    3= Re-do (Make corrections & submit on next day for possible full credit. Notes can & should be used!)
    4= band lesson (Should have turned in work on same day but it will be accepted on the following day.)
    6= absent on day work was assigned but present on day it was collected. ( You have 1 week from absence to get work in on time. You should do it before a make up quiz/test is given to make sure you understand the information.)
    At 5 week mark a progress report is sent home with each student to get a parent/ guardian signature for a homework grade. If it is not received on the next day with a parent/guardian signature, your son/daughter will call you reading a scripted message with their current average & number of missing assignments. Please get signature & turn in progress report for a late grade the next day. This is an effort to keep open communication with parents & be aware of your child's progress in Spanish class. Please let me know if you'd like to OPT OUT OF the phone call.